HR Front End Training

The following online courses are interactive and allow users to train as if they were actually in the HR Front End.  Please select the appropriate course to begin training. NOTE:  You will need Adobe Flash Player installed in order to take these courses.  You can download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player at:  (Contact your network administrator for this download if you are not an administrator of your machine). 

For questions or problems with the online courses, please email

NOTE: Please check with your campus HR representative regarding which of the following courses are required for HRFE Security access.

HRFE Overview and Navigation - This course provides individuals with an understanding of the HR Front End.  - No Sound

New Hire - No Sound

Add a Job - No Sound

Employee Job Record Changes - No Sound

Labor Distribution Only Changes - No Sound

Employee Data Changes - No Sound

Job End Date - No Sound

Reappointments - No Sound

Separations - No Sound

Employee Group/Class Change - No Sound

Historical Job Change - No Sound

Position Creation and Maintenance - No Sound

HRFE Foundations Course - Provides individuals with an understanding of the relationship from Banner to the HR Front End.


HRFE Campus-Specific Processes

For training information relating to campus-specific business processes for HRFE transactions, please choose one of the following links:

UIUC Campus-Specific Processes

UIC Campus-Specific Processes


HRFE Security Profiles and  Online Training Course Requirements

For information relating to which online training courses are required to receive HR Front End security profiles, please choose the appropriate campus link below:

UIUC HR Front End Profiles and On-line Course Requirements


HRFE How-To Guides

Provides step-by-step instructions for how to do work and complete transactions in the HR Front End.  Click the appropriate link for instructions for that topic.

New Hire

Add a Job

Employee Job Record Changes

Labor Distribution Only Changes

Employee Data Changes

Job End Date



Employee Group/Class Change

Historical Job Change

Position Creation and Maintenance

Employee Search and Online Help - Instructions for how to do an Employee Search (including Quick Search), and how to set up preferences for Employe Search, as well as instructions for using Online Help.  

In/Outboxes - Instructions for how to navigate, set up preferences for, and set presets for the In/Oubox. 

Additional Elements - Instructions for how to do multi-component transactions, as well as steps for adding memos to a transaction, Document Attachment, Send-to and FYI's.