Salary Planner Reports

EDDIE Reports

The following reports are available to assist with the Salary Planner process. The Salary Planner reports must be accessed from EDDIE. You will need your Enterprise ID and password when using EDDIE. You will need to refresh your list in EDDIE in order to see newly added reports.

To print a report, change your options to view reports using Acrobat Reader. To program EDDIE to view as Acrobat Reader, follow these steps: After logging into Eddie, select Options on the left side of the screen. Select "View Documents" at the top of this page. Under InfoView, select "PDF Acrobat Reader". Select "Apply All Changes".

BPL Replacement Report

The BPL Replacement Report report provides a list of employees within the Unit along with each employee's job and corresponding organization. Since the jobs listed on the report for each employee are not limited by organization, this report provides a unit with a comprehensive view for each employee within the Unit. For an employee paid by multiple organizations, the report displays the employee's job corresponding with the Unit before listing the employee's other jobs.


This report will list all Academic Professionals (B% E-classes) whose total annual salary exceeds a specified maximum (policy driven). It will include UIN, name, home department, current and proposed FTE, present salary, rate increase, other change, proposed salary and percent change. For further information, view the HRES Salary Threshold Training Aid.


This report will list all Academic Professional (B% E-classes) employees who are more than 1.0 FTE and less than 0.5 FTE by home organization. For further information, view the HRES Academic FTE Training Aid and the HRES Full Personnel Complete Training Aid.


This report will provide academic average rate increase numbers within org by all funds (State funds only). It will list the sum of the present salary, sum of rate increase and percent increase. View the HRES Academic Average Rate Increase Training Aid.


This report will list employees/jobs, within an org, and will include UIN, name, total proposed FTE, total proposed salary, FTE adjustment, E-class change, if applicable, in descending order by proposed salary. View the HRES Academic BPL Descending Salary Training Aid.


This ad hoc query will provide by org, UIN, name, home org, position number and suffix, time sheet org, E-class, account number, budget profile, tenure code, old FTE, new FTE, present salary, rate increase, other change, proposed salary, % change, overall proposed salary, overall % change, NACUBO code, professor category and employee status. View the HRES BPL Adhoc Query Training Aid.

HRES_BPL_Max_Increase_Percent_Allowed_and_Zero (formerly known as the 10 and Zero Report)

The HRES_BPL_Max_Increase_Percent_Allowed_and_Zero report provides a list of all employees, sorted by position budgeting organization, who received no increase or who received an increase greater than the specified parameter. If the users wants to run this as the 10 and Zero report then 10 should be entered into the third parameter of this report. View the HRES BPL Max Increase Percent Allowed and Zero Traing Aid.


The HRES_Open_Range_Daily_Change report provides a list of all Open Range employees with jobs that are associated with a change. This report is sorted by the type of change (job or labor distribution), employee's name, position, suffix, & effective date. View the HRES Open Range Daily Change Training Aid.

Decision Support Reports

The following reports are available through the Decision Support Clearinghouse. To access the reports, go to Decision Support Query Clearinghouse Website. You will be required to login with your NetID and password to access the reports. Select Human Resources from the home page, and then select Salary Planner. There are three reports available for 2006 as outlined below.

2006 Salary Planner Preparation (Salary_Planner_Prep.rep)

This report is to be run in preparation of the loading of Salary Planner data. This report returns a list of employees and information regarding their positions and jobs. It is broken by Department. It is sorted within department by the Budget Profile Code. It will give Colleges/Departments the opportunity to see their data as it will be loaded. Users can then make adjustments as they see necessary.

Zero Dollar Increase

This report creates a list of employees who have a job with a zero percent increase for a particular Campus/College combination for a particular Salary Planner Budget Year.

2006 Salary Planner Verification (2006_Salary_Planner_Sal_Verification.rep)

This report shows any jobs employees had on 8/15/06 and 8/16/06. You can then verify Salary Planner changes went in as expected.

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