Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Academic Professional Searches

  1. How is a search for an Academic Professional (AP) position initiated?
  2. What steps are necessary to conduct an Academic Professional search?
  3. How long will it take before a new search is advertised?
    • After receiving approval for the hiring exception form, you should allow three to five business days for review of search documents, approval, and advertising of a search.
  4. Do all appointments require a search?
    • Generally, all Academic Professional positions require a search. Exceptions include:
      • Less than 50% time Academic Professional positions
      • In-line promotions that meet the UA EEO Search Guidelines (one step promotions)
      • Visiting Academic Professional positions do not require a search
  5. If the appointment is over 50%, but visiting or temporary, does this information need to be included in the advertisement/posting?
    • Yes. Additionally, if there is a possibility the appointment might change from visiting/temporary to a regular position, this should be stated in the advertisement. For example, the posting might state "The position is visiting, but may become a regular appointment at a later date."
  6. If the position is security sensitive and will require pre-employment screening (background check), should this information be included in the position announcement?
    • Yes. All new hires will be subject to a background check according to policy. Existing employees hired into security sensitive positions will also be subject to a background check if one has not been done in the preceding two years.
  7. How long can an Academic Professional be appointed to a visiting position?
    • One year. Visiting positions may receive approval to be extended for up to three additional years.
  8. Is a closing date required for the advertisement?
    • Yes. However, should the close date approach and the committee wishes to extend that is possible under the UA EEO guidelines and approval.
  9. Can the interviews be conducted before the closing date?
    • Yes. It is preferable to let potential applicants know of this in the advertisement. For example, the posting might state "Interviews might be conducted prior to the closing date. However, all applications submitted will receive full consideration."
  10. Is the unit required to post every position in a newspaper?
    • No.
  11. Is it okay to post the position on external online resources as well?
    • Yes. You are encouraged to post on online sources.
  12. Can a unit receive approval to conduct an internal search?
    • Yes. Some searches are appropriate to be internal to the University only. This type of search requires UA EEO approval and must be posted on University of Illinois website. “Current University of Illinois employee required” must be included in the job description/posting. However, EEO guidelines do not allow internal to the department only.
  13. How long does an announcement need to be advertised?
    • The guidelines are as follows:
      • 2 weeks for an Internal Search
      • 3 weeks for a National & Regional Search
      • With approval searches can be extended
  14. Is there a required number of search committee members?
    • You must have a minimum of three search committee members in which one member should be diverse. There is no maximum limit; however, smaller committees provide greater ability to expedite the search process due to less coordination of schedules.
  15. Where am I required to post my position?
    • UA Job Site & University of Illinois Campus Website
    • Two diversity sites ( satisfies this requirement)
    • Additional sources recommended based on the position
  16. How many applicants must I interview?
    • The number of candidates to be interviewed is based on the search pool.  It is highly recommended that you interview a reasonable representation of the qualified applicant pool. You will be required to indicate for each applicant why he/she was not selected for an interview.
  17. Can I offer a salary that is lower than the established minimum on the exception form (UA position approval form)?
    • No
  18. Can I extend a contingency offer before we have EEO approval?
    • No, verbal or written offers cannot be extended until we have final EEO approval  All offers will be made by an ER/HR Liaison.
  19. What does it mean to be a Visiting Academic Professional?
    • Not entitled to notification rights, but has the benefits of any other Academic Professional employee.
    • If position terminated, standard notification for University Administration is 2 months, but not required.
    • May be unionized depending on campus, please read the Visiting AP contract if a Visiting AP on the Urbana campus - or the organization
    • Appointed for a temporary need, often due to grant funds or a temporary project or resource needs.
    • May be appointed for one year at a time, up to four years.

Frequently Asked Questions for Civil Service Searches

  1. Who do I contact if I have a Civil Service Opening?
    • Please contact ER/HR to notify of your current opening.
  2. What paperwork is required when hiring a candidate?
    • Please see the Civil Service Checklist for appropriate materials to submit (i.e., job description, classification, replacement or new position, CFOAP, hours, name of supervisor and building location).
  3. Do I have to post? If so, for how long?
    • This depends on whether the position has open testing or not. ERHR will determine if position needs to be posted. Typically Civil Service openings are posted on the campus HR website (only) for as little as three business days.
  4. How many applicants do I get for one opening?
    • You will get at least three names for each opening you have depending on the classification selected. Exceptions would be names on the register with tied scores which may result in you getting more than three names. Some classifications will provide for a greater number of applicants (such as the Custom Classes).
  5. How is the register determined?
    • Applicants may be required to take an examination which is scored by the campus HR office. Based on the applicants score or place in promotional line, will determine where their name is on the register. The higher the score, the higher you are on the register. For custom classes this process may vary.
  6. How long does it take to get names on the register?
    • This process can take 2 – 3 weeks depending on the examination process. ER/HR will send you the Master Referral from the register as soon as it has been received from the campus HR office.
  7. How many applicants am I required to interview?
    • There are no requirements on how many applicants you have to interview. However, you are required to interview all candidates on the Master Referral that have indicated interest. The unit has the ability to have ER/HR contact everyone on the referral list or wait to see if the candidates will respond to ER/HR by the deadline listed on their notification letter.
  8. What happens if I am not interested in any of the applicants on the referral?
    • If there are at least three candidates on the referral that are interested in the position, you must select one of the candidates for the position.
  9. If I want to close the search when can I reopen it?
    • If you close the search with three interested candidates you must take a 30 day penalty before you will be allowed to re-open.
  10. What do I do once I have selected a candidate to hire?
    • ER/HR will notify campus HR office of selected candidate, start date and salary information.
  11. Do Civil Service employees have a probationary period?
    • Yes. The probationary period will be based on the classification and the determined requirements for the position.