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Disability Leave

Disability leave is available for employees who have been absent because of an occupationally incurred disability, or who have been on leave for illness, injury, or disability including pregnancy. Employees on Disability Leave may be receiving compensation through accumulated sick leave, family and medical leave, or State Universities Retirement System (SURS) or supplemental LTD payments.

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Benefits Continuation
Returning from leave


Civil Service employees in a trainee, learner, apprentice or status appointment, and all academic staff members are eligible for Disability Leave.

In accordance with Civil Service Rule 250.110(b)(3), an employee who is no longer able to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position in the class due to a disability will be required to take disability leave.

Civil Service and Academic employees must also be unable to perform the duties of the assigned position for a period exceeding 60 calendar days and must have been a participant in the State Universities Retirement System for at least two years to be eligible. No minimum service credit is required if the disability results from an accident.


To apply for disability leave, employees must complete the following steps:

  1. Request the disability application from the campus Human Resources office and forward it to the attending physician.
  2. Physician must complete the necessary portions of the form.
  3. Employee returns the completed form to the department/unit head for approval.
  4. Once approved at the department/unit level, employee forwards the completed form to the State Universities Retirement System (SURS).

Leave of Absence Information and Form
Leave of Absence Information (PDF)
Leave of Absence Information (Rich Text Format)
Leave of Absence Worksheet (PDF form to be ​completed online before printing​. If the PDF fails to load, then download and complete the form before printing.)

Benefits Continuation

Employees on an approved non-occupational disability leave not receiving disability benefits from SURS are eligible for the State-paid contribution benefits for 24 months and may continue University benefits.

Employees on an approved non-occupational disability leave receiving disability benefits from SURS may continue State-paid contribution benefits indefinitely, as long as the employee continues to receive disability benefits from SURS. Employees may also continue University benefits.

Employees receiving occupational disability through workers' compensation may continue State-paid contribution and University benefits indefinitely.


The employee receives 50 percent of basic compensation through SURS as of the date disability occurs, or 50 percent of average earnings during the 24 months immediately preceding disability, whichever is greater.

For Academic employees, basic compensation means the normal contract salary, it does not include earnings for summer session teaching or overtime.

Disability benefits will be reduced by workers' compensation or occupational disease payments for an on-the-job accident or an occupational illness.

Returning from Leave

Employees should contact their campus Human Resources office for return to work procedures.


Select from the appropriate campus and/or employee group for specific information.

University System Policies

The General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedure

Policy and Rules for Civil Service Staff

Disability Leave

University Policies


Family and Medical Leave - See "Entitlement to Leave", part (C), "serious health condition", item (3).


Disability Leave of Absence


Contact the campus Human Resources office.