Reporting Portal

Starting June 12, 2018, you will need to use 2-Factor authentication to access the Reporting Portal.
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HR related reports are created and published through a number of disparate methods. The reports are accessible using different systems and interfaces. In addition, the various reporting environments are supported by different organizations.  The ultimate goal is to have one single entry point for all HR reports and HR materials to assist you in your reporting. The web sites provide links to report publishing systems such as EDDIE / InfoView and View Direct as well as direct access to reports published in the System HR site.

Reports available to departmental and central HR users accessed directly through this UHR portal.

List of HR Department Reports

HR/Pay Reports Available to Departments - List of HR reports including a brief description of each report, the frequency they are refreshed, and where you can retrieve each report.


The University of Illinois Enterprise Data Delivery Information Environment (EDDIE) is an environment for you to retrieve, view, and print reports. You can also create custom reports of your own. For more information, see the Reports section of the Decision Support website.

View Direct

AITS site for accessing scheduled reports. Availability of reports is based on Banner security.

View Direct also offers an Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition gives you access to your reports just as the standard edition of View Direct Plus offers the ability to create shortcuts to your favorite reports and store them all in one centralized folder for quick access.

If you opt for Enterprise Folders functionality, there are additional downloads you may need to install. Visit Document Direct for more information on these additional requirements.