Civil Service FAQs

  1. Who do I contact if I have a Civil Service Opening?
    • Please contact ER/HR to notify of your current opening.
  2. What paperwork is required when hiring a candidate?
    • Please see the Civil Service Checklist for appropriate materials to submit (i.e., job description, classification, replacement or new position, CFOAP, hours, name of supervisor and building location).
  3. Do I have to post? If so, for how long?
    • This depends on whether the position has open testing or not.  Campus Human Resources will determine if position needs to be posted. Typically Civil Service openings are posted on the Campus Human Resources website (only) for three business days, ER/HR will advise.
  4. How many applicants do I get for one opening?
    • You will get at least three names for each opening you have. Exceptions would be names on the register with tied scores which may result in you getting more that three names.
  5. How is the register determined?
    • Applicants take an examination which is scored by Campus Human Resources. Based on the applicants score or place in promotional line, will determine where their name is on the register. The higher the score, the higher you are on the register.
  6. How long does it take to get names on the register?
    • This process can take two to six weeks depending on the examination process and the campus. ER/HR will send you the Master Referral from the register as soon as it has been received from Campus Human Resources.
  7. How many applicants am I required to interview?
    • There are no requirements on how many applicants you have to interview. However, you are required to interview any candidates on the Master Referral that are interested.
  8. What happens if I am not interested in any of the applicants on the referral?
    • If there are at least three candidates on the referral that are interested in the position, you must select one of the candidates for the position.
  9. If I want to close the search when can I reopen it?
    • If you close the search with three interested candidates you must take a 30 day penalty before you will be allowed to re-open.
  10. What do I do once I have selected a candidate to hire?
    • ER/HR will coordinate the search process and will advise you of the necessary steps when a candidate has been identified.
  11. Do Civil Service employees have a probationary period?
    • Yes. The probationary period will be based on the classification and the determined requirements for the position.