HireTouch is an easy-to-use, Web-based applicant tracking system that allows users to track applicants simply and effectively. HireTouch centralizes information accessibility and effectively distributes information by automating the recruiting process.

1.1 Navigation and Layout

The HireTouch system is navigated primarily using a toolbar with a system of tabs at the top of the window. These tabs allow users to navigate through the main functions of the system. Additional options for the functions are available from the main windows and additional toolbars with pull down menus, buttons, and tabs which appear as you move through the system.

In addition, above the toolbar are links to log out of the system and to your profile. For administrators with the correct permissions, there is also an Enterprises link which provides access to all HireTouch enterprises.

When you are working with some functions, the toolbar will be replaced with a new set of tabs. If this occurs and you would like to return to the original toolbar and set of pages, the top left corner of the screen will always contain the company’s logo with a link to the home page. Clicking this will bring you to the home page and return the original toolbar.

1.1.1 Toolbar

When viewing a certain tab in the toolbar, that tab will appear white, as is demonstrated below with the Home link. Not all tabs shown below may be visible, as some tabs may  not be seen based on your security level. 


Home: Provides a summary of important information (e.g., recent applicants or upcoming tasks), based on the details that administrators set to display.

Applicants: Provides access to all information about applicants that have been entered into the system, including the status of any pending applications or background checks.

Jobs: Provides access to all career codes that applicants may be classified by.

1.2 Login

When the Login screen comes up, enter your NetID and password and click Sign In. If you cannot remember your password, click the Forgot Password link. If you have provided an answer to the password security question in your profile, this will reset your password and send you an email with the new password. (For more information about setting up password security questions, please refer to the User Profile Information section.) If no password questions have been set up, you will need to email a higher administrator to have their password reset.


Login screen

1.3 Logout

The Logout link is available from the upper right corner of the screen no matter which tab is displayed from the toolbar. To log out of the application, click Logout.

Note: As a security precaution, if the HireTouch application is not used for 20 minutes, the session will time out and the user will automatically be logged out. When this happens, the user will need to log back into the system.