University of Illinois System

DEI&B Certificate Program - Relaunch Coming Soon!

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Certificate Program provides a robust experience for employees to engage in meaningful discussions, activities, curriculum, and projects to promote and support DEI&B.   

We recognize - as core to our guiding principles - a responsibility to foster an open, welcoming environment where individuals of all backgrounds can collaboratively learn, work, and serve. As part of our pledge to proactively cultivate and sustain an environment that encourages a safe and robust exchange of viewpoints, the certificate program supports our commitment of developing and nurturing talent and achievement by supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our education, services, and administration.

DEI&B Classes

Each class will be led by instructors who will guide you through the topic, with a specific focus on class discussion and engagement. 

Capstone Project

The capstone project is designed to allow you to take what you learned in the DEI&B classes and apply it to your working life. You will be given your choice of options to complete the capstone.

Examples include:

  • Writing a reflection paper on what you learned in the classes and how you can apply what you learned into your unit.
  • Creating a DEI&B event or practice for your own work unit.
  • Attending an approved DEI&B event in your community and discussing that event with your unit.

More details about the capstone project will provided to you when you complete the required number of DEI&B courses.


Once you have completed all required elements of the program, you will then be awarded an official System Offices Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Certificate to proudly display and you will be known as a “System Offices DEI&B Advocate”!  Fortunately, the awarding of the certificate is not a final step.  We will offer continuing education opportunities for you to stay engaged with DEI&B even after you receive the certificate.