Academic Professional Employment

Academic Professionals (APs) are generally salaried (exempt) employees whose positions meet specialized administrative, professional, or technical needs. They perform high-level duties, and frequently have specialized responsibilities in academic, research, or administrative areas.

All APs must have at least a bachelor's degree in a field required by the position. Positions frequently require an advanced degree and experience uniquely relevant to the job. Credentials will be subject to review and verification prior to hire.

APs receive a contract for a specified appointment period, often with renewal possibilities for subsequent periods. They have the same privileges as faculty and non-tenured academics, except those privileges that apply specifically to the faculty, such as tenure eligibility.

Examples of Academic Professional titles include Dean, Director, Coordinator, and Specialist. Full descriptions of Academic Professional Standard Titles are available online.

Find and Apply for an AP Position Opening

The University may advertise specific Academic Professional (AP) positions in a variety of online and publication sources, including the University of Illinois employment web site. Please follow the instructions listed in the advertisement or job posting to apply for a position.

To search Academic Professional job openings, please select the appropriate link below: