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Category Red Flag Example
Inconsistency in questioning Asking different questions of candidates of the same position Asking women if they have had gaps in employment
First-impression Making snap judgments, good or bad of first impressions Impressed with individuals "charisma"
Negative emphasis Rejecting candidate based on small amount of negative information Candidate didn't have polished shoes
Halo Effect Interviewer lets one strong point overshadow all other information Candidate went to the same alma mater as interviewer
Horn Effect Interviewer lets one negative point overshadow all other information  
Nonverbal bias Undue emphasis placed on nonverbal behavior not related to job performance Person constantly flings hair to the side
Contrast Effect Candidate is compared to the last one interviewed Second person may appear more qualified than they are or than the job would require when compared to a weaker candidate
Similar-to-me Selecting candidates that have the same personal characteristics Candidate is from the same home town and high school
Cultural noise Candidate provides socially acceptable rather than factual response Why did you leave your last employer? I am looking for more challenging opportunities.