Roles & Expectations

Roles & Expectations

University of Illinois EEO Search Committees Guidelines

  • Should contain at least 3 persons.
  • Committee should be diverse (minorities and females). If the department is unable to identify diverse committee members from within the department, then it should look outside the department for individuals who will add diversity and value to the committee. Said individual(s) should be someone who will/may have interaction with the person selected for the position.
  • The search committee will be responsible for documenting the process it used to select candidates for interviews including providing reasons why others were not selected.

ER/HR Recruiter

  • Responsibilities
    • Chair academic professional and civil service searches
    • Checks references and extends all offers
    • Provide accurate and timely responses
    • Provide internal consulting
    • Liaison with EEO and Campus HR
    • Help keep the process flowing smoothly
    • Help keep selection committee compliant
    • Prepares final search documentation
    • Retains necessary search documentation based on statutory retention requirements

Search Committee Chair

  • Responsibilities
    • Liaison with the committee, department, and final candidates
    • Facilitate committee meetings
    • Keep selection process on track
    • Keep selection committee compliant
    • Prepares and submits all appropriate search documentation to ER/HR

Search Committee Members

  • Selection
    • Appointed by hiring manager
    • Appointed by chair, or
    • Appointed by department seeking position to be filled
  • Responsibilities
    • Attend all meetings/interviews
    • Read all materials; prepare in advance
    • Commit time and effort necessary for successful outcome
    • Be compliant with EEO guidelines and legislation
    • Select candidates based on requirements of position
    • Make recommendation for top candidates to hiring manager

Expectations of the Search Committee

  • Actively participate in all meetings
  • Thoroughly read all materials pertaining to the search
  • Follow the EEO guidelines
  • Follow "Do" and "Don't" examples for interviewing
  • Complete assignments such as following up with contacts and references
  • Keep the process moving
  • Communicate regularly to finalists
  • Work collaboratively with the ER/HR recruiter
  • Complete the Ethical Standards and Expectations Form