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Academic Professional Check List

Download an excel version of this checklist (click here).

  1. Job description draft sent to ER/HR (new or revised positions)
  2. ER/HR prepares final job description draft for unit review and approval
  3. Unit approves final job description; ER/HR prepares draft ads for unit review
  4. Unit provides position/search information to ER/HR (salary range; search committee members; FOAP for position and advertising; preferred advertising sources; VSL approver)
  5. ER/HR submits PAPE for approval
  6. ER/HR prepares EEO Form I and submits to unit hiring manager for approval
  7. Hiring manager approves Form I and submits to UA EEO Liaison (Jami Painter) for approval
  8. UA EEO Liaison approves Form I and submits to UHREO Director for approval
  9. Once approved, ER/HR posts position announcement
  10. Applicants apply for position via Applicant Tracking System; EEO acknowledgment letters automatically generated by ATS and sent to applicants who meet minimum Bachelor’s degree requirement; applicants not possessing Bachelor’s degree receive rejection letter
  11. Search committee accesses Applicant Tracking System to review resumes/applicant materials
  12. Search committee identifies candidates to interview for position
  13. Hiring unit/search committee schedules interviews
  14. Search committee conducts interviews of best qualified candidates
  15. Search committee identifies preferred candidate for position; final ranking and comments entered in ATS by search committee chair or designee; reference checks conducted
  16. Search committee chair notifies ER/HR of final choice; submits proposed salary, reference results, and interview questions
  17. ER/HR prepares EEO Form II and submits to hiring manager for review and approval
  18. Hiring manager approves EEO Form II and submits to UA EEO Liaison (Jami Painter) for approval
  19. UA EEO Liaison approves EEO Form II and submits to HRUEO for approval
  20. HRUEO Director reviews and approves proposed hire
  21. Hiring manager extends offer to preferred candidate
  22. If offer accepted, ER/HR prepares offer letter and sends to candidate; when signed offer letter received, ER/HR facilitates onboarding process
  23. If offer declined, hiring manager determines if second candidate will be offered position; if yes, continue from #17
  24. If hiring manager does not want to offer position to second candidate, discuss next steps/options with ER/HR