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Civil Service Check List

Download an excel version of this checklist (click here).

  1. Job title and description draft (if available) submitted to ER/HR (new or revised positions).
  2. ER/HR reviews job description draft to verify classification requested meets the Civil Service specifications requirements; submits new draft with recommended changes to unit.
  3. ER/HR prepares final job description from unit feedback.  ER/HR submits to unit for final approval.
  4. Unit approves final job description and returns to ER/HR with FOAPAL for position and contact information for candidates.
  5. ER/HR submits paperwork to campus Human Resources office to open position and freeze register.
  6. Campus HR sends Master Referral and Transfer List to ER/HR; ER/HR forwards documents and relevant information about candidates to unit contact.
  7. Unit contacts candidates on the Master Referral or waits for candidates to initiate contact.  Candidates have until the date indicated on the Referral to contact the unit. Offers cannot be made prior to this deadline. (NOTE: units are not required to interview from the Transfer List.)
  8. Unit indicates candidate status on the Master Referral as they make contact.
  9. Unit is entitled to have a minimum of three candidates to interview; if unit has less than three interested candidates, they may request additional names from the register by notifying ER/HR.
  10. ER/HR requests status of each candidate prior to requesting more names from campus HR.
  11. ER/HR requests additional candidates from the register, as needed, until unit has at least three interested candidates.
  12. Once preferred candidate is identified, unit contacts ER/HR to obtain salary approval; unit sends completed Master Referral sheets to ER/HR.
  13. ER/HR verifies salary meets salary program guidelines; unit extends offer to selected candidate.  If accepted, unit contacts ER/HR to start onboarding process and notifies of start date.
  14. ER/HR contacts new employee with instructions on final on-boarding process.
  15. ER/HR prepares offer letter and sends to new employee for acceptance and signature.
  16. Unit gets job description signed first day and sends to ER/HR.
  17. If unit does not want to offer position to any interviewed candidate, unit should contact ER/HR to discuss further options.