University of Illinois System

Organ or Blood Marrow Donor Leave

Eligible employees may be granted paid leave time for the purpose of donating an organ or bone marrow. Organ or bone marrow donor leave is provided for under State of Illinois Compiled Statutes 5 ILCS 327 - Organ Donor Leave Act


Permanent full- or part-time faculty, civil service, or academic professional employees who are employed for six months or more may be eligible to request this leave.


Medical documentation of the proposed organ or bone marrow donation is required for approval. Documentation should be submitted by the employee to his/her supervisor with as much advanced notification as possible.

Length of Leave

Up to 30 days paid leave may be granted once in a 12-month period for the donation of an organ or blood marrow. Employees are NOT required to use accumulated sick or vacation leave time before requesting Organ Donor Leave. Leave time is for 30 days; holidays do not extend the allowable leave maximum. For employees on Organ or Blood Marrow Donor Leave who are also eligible for the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, Organ or Blood Marrow Donor Leave is not in addition to the 12-week FMLA entitlement when the reason for the leave also qualifies under FMLA.  Organ or Blood Marrow Donor Leave will run concurrently for employees meeting the eligibility criteria for FMLA.  An employee who may have exhausted all available leave under FMLA, would still be eligible for 30 days of paid leave under the Organ or Blood Marrow Donor Leave if they meet the eligibility requirements and are approved.

Benefits Continuation

While on organ or bone marrow donor leave, employees continue to receive the same State and University benefits as when actively working. All State-paid contributions continue.