Jami PainterWelcome! The University of Illinois is among the top teaching and research universities in the world and a premier employer in Illinois. We are the state's largest institution of higher education, and our faculty and staff are world leaders in research and innovation, award-winning educators, authors, artists, health care providers, and multi-talented professionals. Creating environments for learning and providing career opportunities in Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, Springfield, and throughout the state, our faculty and staff are the engine that drives Illinois!

University Human Resources is dedicated to supporting the University's mission of teaching, research, public service, and economic development through a variety of strategic programs and partnerships to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse workforce of the highest caliber.

The Associate Vice President for Human Resources reports to the Vice President/Chief Financial Officer/Comptroller, Walter Knorr, and is a member of the President's Cabinet. As an organization, we are committed to providing strategic human resource leadership for the University. Our office partners with the human resource and EEO/AA offices on each campus and in University Administration to achieve our goals of providing a diverse workforce that provides high quality and efficient service delivery.

Browse the campus sites or topics on the left to learn more about University of Illinois HR offices, initiatives, policies, and systems. Each human resource and EEO/AA office maintains its own web site. Should you have a question or need additional assistance, please contact a member of the UHR team.

Jami Painter
Interim-Associate Vice President for Human Resources


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