System and Resources for New Hires

Welcome, to the University of Illinois!

We're delighted you've accepted a position within the University of Illinois. We know beginning a new job can be a complex process, and we're here to facilitate your transition. Below, you'll find:

  • Our UI New Hire system, which will guide you through all the forms necessary to start your job at the University of Illinois.
  • Information about benefits, policies, transportation and campus resources available to you.

What do I need to start?

Before you begin, please make sure you have your:
  • UI New Hire Login ID and Password - Your hiring unit will provide this to you either in person or through a system-generated email. If you haven't received this, please check with your hiring manager or HR contact. If your password no longer works, please ask your hiring contact to reset this for you. Please note: employees with assigned NetIDs cannot use their NetID and NetID password to access UI New Hire.
  • Work history and education information. Please check with your hiring contact about what, specifically, you need to enter for your new job, as these requirements vary.
  • Bank information - You will need your routing and account number to set up your direct deposit (these numbers can be found on a check or bank statement).
  Access UI New Hire

Need Help with UI New Hire?


Information about all benefits available to University of Illinois employees can be found in the Benefits Section on this site. It is recommended that you review the following documents.  You should also sign up for a New Hire Benefits Session.


The State of Illinois insurance benefits enrollment is completed through an online system, called MyBenefits Marketplace. MyBenefits Marketplace provides self-service tools to assist with enrollment in health, dental, and life insurance, and flexible spending account (MCAP/DCAP) plans.

Based on the State Department of Central Management Services' (CMS) policy, the State benefits enrollment period is 30 calendar days from your hire or benefit eligibility date.

  • It is important to submit your Employee Information Form (EIF) in Step 1 of UI New Hire, as soon as possible. You are strongly encouraged to elect to receive email communications about state benefits by checking the box on the EIF. Note: If you do not select email communications, information will be sent via postal mail and this will delay your access to MyBenefits Marketplace to make your benefit elections.
  • Within 1 to 3 days after completing your EIF and electing email communications, you will receive an email providing login details to access MyBenefits Marketplace for enrolling in state benefits. Delivery of login details may take 5 to 10 days by postal mail.
  • When making your state benefit elections on MyBenefits Marketplace, once you click “Submit/Finalize”, your benefit elections will be final and unchangeable until either the next Benefit Choice period in May, or a qualifying event occurs. You will not be allowed to revise your state benefit elections, even if you are still within 30 calendar days of your benefit-eligibility date.
  • If you do not make an election to enroll, opt out or waive health and dental coverage as well as submit all required documentation* within 30 calendar days of your benefit-eligibility date you will default into the Quality Care health and dental plans without the option to insure dependents. If no action is taken, you will be defaulted. (*Part-time waiver does not require documentation.)


Contact University Payroll and Benefits (UPB) if you need assistance.


Policies, Transportation and Campus Resources

Information on policies, transportation, and other resources available to you as a University employee are in the Campus Resources section on this site. Use policy and administrative guidelines as a reference for University rules and regulations. These policies apply to all University employees.