University of Illinois System

Employment Verification System

Employees are commonly asked to provide employment verification information when dealing with vendors outside the University, such as a bank or lender when applying for a loan. The online Employment Verification System (EVS) provides almost immediate access to that information.

What is Employment Verification?

Employment Verification authenticates your status at the University of Illinois, generally used for providing proof of employment and/or earnings.

Why use the online Employment Verification System (EVS)?

The EVS allows you to provide your vendor (bank, credit union, mortgage company, government approved housing, or other business) with almost immediate access to your employment verification information. The EVS is a time saving self-service tool.

What does the employee do?

You, the employee, need to set up a one-time use Vendor Access Number (VAN).

  1. Log in to EVS at You will need your NetID and password to login.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to create Vendor Access Numbers (VANs). There is no limit to the number of VANs that may be set up, as long as each VAN is different.
  3. Provide a copy of the Vendor Instructions for your vendor:
  4. Provide your vendor with the instructions, the VAN you created (must be used within 30 days), and your Social Security Number or UIN.

What does the business or vendor do?

The vendor accesses the EVS at Next, the vendor follows the on-screen instructions to submit the VAN and Social Security Number or UIN that you provided. Your employment verification information will appear on-screen and can be printed by the vendor.

What is a VAN?

A VAN is a Vendor Access Number. Once created by an employee, the VAN allows an outside business or vendor to access the employee's employment verification information. A VAN is valid for only a single use.

What about a former employee?

Former employees cannot create a VAN, and so cannot access employment verification through the EVS. To verify past employment for a former employee, contact the appropriate Human Resources office: