University of Illinois System

Other Work-Life Programs

University employees may be eligible to take part in a variety of other work-life programs which can help to improve work-life balance. Services include wellness and health programs, and discount opportunities.

  • Be Well Illinois - supports your total wellbeing through information and educational resources such as wellness webinars, monthly health awareness causes, financial wellness, healthy eating, and exercise tips.
  • Recreation and Wellness Programs – each campus is dedicated to providing awareness, education, and support for healthy lifestyle habits.
  • SEGIP Adoption Benefit Program - employees who adopt children are eligible for reimbursement of eligible expenses through the Adoption Benefit Program.
  • SEGIP Smoking Cessation Program - members and their enrolled dependents are eligible to receive a maximum $200.00 rebate upon completion of an approved Smoking Cessation Program.
  • SEGIP Weight-Loss Benefit – employees are eligible to receive a maximum $200.00 rebate toward the cost of an approved weight-loss program once every three plan years.
  • Discounts and Other Services – employees may be eligible for discounts through the university and State of Illinois programs.