Discounts & Other Services

Computer Hardware, Software, & Accessories

  • Illini Union Tech Zone (UIUC) - University employees can make purchases through Illini Union Tech Zone to receive discounted pricing on desktop and laptop computers, iPods, and more. Apple, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Dell products are available.
  • UIC Bookstore - Students and staff are eligible to receive discounts on computers, software and other accessories at the UIC Bookstore.
  • WebStore - Students, faculty, and staff at all three U of I locations - in Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, and Springfield - are eligible to receive significant discounts on over 150 software applications offered by the University of Illinois WebStore.

i-card Perks

Get discounts with your i card! i-card Perks organizes discounts on dinners out, ice cream, lawn care, and more from local participating merchants. This free service is for all i-card holders.

Magellan Discount Program

State employees are offered access to a discount program, LifeMart Discount Center, through the Employee Assistance Program vendor, Magellan Ascend. A wide range of discounts are offered including health and wellness, entertainment, restaurants, travel and more.

Employees must register and log in on the Magellan Ascend website to access the LifeMart Discount Center:

  • Visit
  • Select the Log In button (On smaller devices, the button is in the navigation menu).
  • If you have not registered on the Magellan Ascend site:
    • Select the Sign Up link, and complete the required fields.
    • Under Company Name, enter State of Illinois Employee Assistance Program.
    • The email address you use may be any email address of your choosing.
  • Once registered, log in using your email address and password.
  • Under the Explore heading, select Discount Center.
  • Select access LifeMart Discount Center.

Relocation Assistance

Information on relocation assistance can be found on the Purchasing web site. The contracts described have been awarded to moving companies to help employees and new hires move their belongings.

Travel Discounts

Information on travel discounts can be found on the OBFS web site. Discounts are available through preferred vendors for travel transportation and lodging.

AAA (Roadside Assistance) Membership

AAA offers a group rate (15% off Basic) membership fee and waiver of $10 enrollment fee. Contact Julie at 217-398-0495, or mail the membership application to AAA, c/o Julie Woller, 1610 S. Neil St., Champaign. While the discount is available through the Champaign AAA office, it is open to employees at any of the University of Illinois campus locations.

Courtesy Discounts

As a courtesy, information about additional services and discounts is made available to University of Illinois employees. Courtesy discounts are subject to change or discontinuation by the provider at any time, and the University may remove discount offers without notice. While the University screens all offers, these goods and services are not endorsed, guaranteed, or arranged by the University of Illinois. Employees are responsible for checking goods or services offered.

Vehicle Discounts

Mobile Phone Discounts

These discounts refer to phone service for personal use only. For details on purchasing service for official University use, please contact the OBFS Purchasing Division.

  • AT&T - 18% service discount.
  • Sprint - Visit Sprint Discount.
  • T-Mobile - Available through the State's discount program with Magellan. Select Magellan on the CMS State Employee Benefits page. Once on the Magellan page, click "Benefits" in the main navigation, then select "Lifemart-Discount". Select the Start Saving Today! link; then use the search box to find current T-Mobile discounts.
  • Verizon Wireless - 18% service discount (applies to certain plans and services) & 25% accessories discount. To obtain this discount, fax (888-457-1731) or email the following information to Verizon Wireless:
    • A copy of your University ID card or recent earnings statement with confidential information redacted (e.g. SSN, salary).*
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Contact Number
    • Verizon Wireless Account Number or Wireless Number

* Retirees can send a copy of their 1099R statement with confidential information redacted to document retiree status.

Other Discounts

ProFlowers - 15% discount with code BLUEWHITE15 at ProFlowers. Additional discounts on flowers can be found in the Magellan Discount Program (see Magellan Discount Program section above for registration and log in information).

Please be aware that discounts and packages offered to University employees may change or be discontinued at any time. Please contact the company or carrier with questions about available discounts.