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Staying Engaged and Energized While Remote Working

There are several options you can explore to stay engaged and energized during this time. When your working environment has vastly changed from the norm, it may help to utilize online professional development options or explore wellness resources that will keep you feeling healthy and productive. We encourage you to speak to your supervisor about fitting these into your work schedule to maximize your productivity and effectiveness. 

Professional Development Opportunities

During these alternate working arrangements, there are activities employees can do to remain engaged without having face-to-face interaction. Utilize the resources below to continue in your learning and development, and for managing the complexities of remote working.

  • Online training opportunities though professional organizations
  • University of Illinois’ LinkedIn Learning resource (login required)
Training Type/Skill Learning Resource
Building Microsoft Acumen Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook
Enhancing Technology Skills Communications Foundations
Technology Resources Logging in to VPN
Using LinkedIn Learning
Using technology tools (Box, SharePoint, Microsoft teams: UIUC, UIC)
Zoom video tutorials
Office Support Improve Your Organizational Skills
Become an Administrative Professional
Project Management Become a Project Manager
Remote Working Working Remotely
Time Management While Working From Home
12 Working From Home Tips
Overcoming Procrastination
Supervisors Practicing Fairness as a Manager
Managing in Difficult Times
Managing a Diverse Team
Be a Better Manager by Motivating Your Team
Creating the Conditions for Others to Thrive
Creating a Culture of Collaboration
Building Accountability into Your Culture
How to Be a Positive Leader
Managing Remote Employees
Advance Your Skills as a Manager
Become a Manager
Teams Fostering Collaboration
Improve Your Teamwork Skills
Tips for Improving Effectiveness at Work Improving Your Listening Skills
Embracing Unexpected Change
Productivity Principles to Make Time for What's Important
Proven Tips to Managing Your Time
Overcoming Overwhelm
Managing Stress
Option B: Building Resilience
The Six Morning Habits of High Performers

Remote Work Wellness Articles

Managing Social Distancing/Isolation

Resources for Extroverts and Introverts

Avoiding Work from Home Burnout

Remote Working Considerations for Supervisors

In some roles, it is difficult to determine if and what can be assigned remotely. Consider the following questions for employees whose work may not transition to the remote environment:

  • Is there research they can do? Benchmarking?
  • Are there electronic files that can be reviewed and organized?
  • Are there documents that can be developed or edited?
  • Are there special projects that can be assigned?
  • Do you have reports that need to be written? Budget reconciliation? Reading that needs to be completed?
  • Do you have training or job aids that could be created? Do you have procedures that need to be created, written, or revised?
  • If you have limited work that can be done remotely, but the employee could assist other system office units, please contact System HR at

Managing Remote Workers