University of Illinois System

Adoption Benefit Program

Assistance is available for State benefit-eligible employees adding to their families through adoption. The Adoption Benefit Program will reimburse eligible expenses up to a maximum of $1,500 for a waiting child and up to $1,000 for any other child. Eligible expenses may include legal and court fees, adoption agency fees, required medical exams and initial immunizations for the child, and transportation costs for bringing the child to her/his adoptive parents. All adoption benefits are subject to Medicare and Social Security taxes.

The adoption must be final before you are eligible to receive reimbursement. The request for reimbursement must be received within one year from the end of the Plan Year the adoption became final. If both parents are State Employees, only one adoption benefit is available per child.

More Information

See the CMS Adoption Benefit Program website for full details, including definition of a waiting child, eligible and ineligible expenses, documentation required, and how to file for reimbursement.

Health Insurance for Your Adopted Child

Once a petition for adoption has been filed or custody of the child has been granted, you may cover the child under your health insurance. Log in to MyBenefits to get the process started. If custody is obtained and the child is added to your plan within 60 days of the event, then the effective date of coverage can be retroactive to the child's date of birth or placement for adoption. Documentation is required.


  • Direct questions about the Adoption Benefit Program to the Department of Central Management Services (CMS).
  • For questions about adoptions in general, please contact the Adoption Information Center of Illinois at 800-572-2390.
  • For assistance with adding your new child to your health insurance, contact MyBenefits.