Academic Leave Balance Announcement

Vacation and sick leave balances will generally appear on your October and November earnings statements. The following information may assist you in understanding the leave balance information that appears on your earnings statement.

How to read the Leave Benefits Summary on the academic earnings statement:

  • Leave accruals are shown in HOURS (not days).
  • The amount of leave shown as Balance is the total of leave carried forward or "rolled" from August 15 of the last academic year.
  • The balance for each type of leave will be listed separately. If you are not eligible for a particular type of leave, then that type of leave will not appear on your earnings statement. Types of leave include:
    • SICK - 96 hours cumulative sick leave (no maximum restriction).
    • SICC - Compensable sick leave balance for employees who accumulated compensable sick leave between January 1, 1984 and December 31, 1997.
    • VACA - Standard vacation leave (maximum carry-over of 384 hours for full-time). An employee must be on a 12-month service contract in order to earn vacation.
    • VACC - Vacation leave above the employee's current maximum as a result of FTE of employee group change. (If applicable primarily employees who have reduced total FTE.)
    • ERSickLv - Emergency sick leave for COVID-19 conditions under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Balance expires September 30, 2021.

Accessing your online earnings statement:

To view your online earnings statement, access the Earnings Statement link. For security purposes, you will need your University NetID and Password, as well as your PIN to access your earnings statement.

Please review your leave balances carefully. If you have questions, please see your unit/department HR contact. **Please note: if your unit/department has not yet recorded your leave balances in Banner, you will not see accurate leave balances on your earnings statement.