PARIS Overview

University Payroll & Benefits (UPB) has the responsibility of managing the University’s payroll system and records to ensure that employees are paid on time and accurately. To do so, UPB must be able to process adjustments submitted by units for current pay periods and prior pay periods in an efficient and effective manner.

With the implementation of the Banner Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in 2003, payroll adjustment transactions grew more complex for both units and UPB, and required the use of two applications (Banner ERP and Workflow). Additionally, several adjustment transaction types required process intervention and a third application, the Adjustment Notification Application (ANA), was developed by OBFS Business Information Systems in partnership with UPB.

Banner ERP/Workflow

  • Prior Pay Period Underpayment Adjustments
  • One-Time Payments


  • Current Pay Period Adjustments
  • Prior Pay Period Overpayments
  • Leave Balance Adjustments
  • Taxable Benefits
  • Award Payments

After the successful implementation of the HRFrontEnd (HRFE) interface with Banner ERP which simplified human resource-related transactions for units and Central HR offices, UPB sought a similar solution for payroll-related transactions. The Payroll Adjustment Request Interface System (PARIS) application was developed in partnership with UPB, Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS), Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and OBFS Business Information Systems (BIS). It uses similar technology developed for the Human Resources Front End (HRFE) application, and its functionality is being rolled out in phases.