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Welcome to the Online Performance Appraisal System

The online performance appraisal system is designed to streamline the process of formally documenting and sharing performance feedback. Performance appraisals provide an opportunity for managers and employees to have meaningful conversation about the employee's work, achievements and goals. 

What do I need to start?

Frequently Asked Questions:

When are performance appraisals due?

The employee-manager meetings and the electronic performance appraisal (including all electronic signatures) must be completed by December 1 following the end of the academic year review period. For example, appraisals for the 8/16/22-8/15/23 review period must be completed by December 1, 2023.

Who begins the performance appraisal process in the online system?

The employee initiates the online performance appraisal by logging into the system and completing all required fields. NOTE: For first-time system users, the performance appraisal must be initiated by the employee's manager  and sent to the employee before they are able to gain access online.

If I start the performance appraisal and make any changes, will that information save if I do not submit it before exiting the system?

The performance appraisal pages auto save every 1.5 seconds or by clicking the Continue, Exit, or the Back button at the bottom of each page. Please do not use your browser arrow buttons or open two browser windows with the same employee/appraisal.

Can I start a 2022-23 performance appraisal in the system if I have not completed the 2021-22 performance appraisal?

No, you are required to complete the previous year's performance appraisal(s) before you can begin the current year's performance appraisal(s).

Need help with the performance appraisal system?

Please contact System Human Resource Services at 217-333-2600 or