Supplemental Funds to Sabbatical Leave

A faculty member may combine sabbatical leave with additional leave and salary supported by outside funds administered by the University. For example, an eligible faculty member may take sabbatical leave for one appointment year at one-half salary and the remaining half of the salary may be paid from a grant or contract administered by the University.

  • The combined salary may not exceed the faculty member's 100 percent salary for the appointment year during which the sabbatical is taken.
  • If sponsored project funds are used in combination with the sabbatical salary, an explicit statement must be submitted with the sabbatical application indicating that the proposed salary payment from sponsored project funds has the approval of the contracting or granting agency, or will have if an external sponsor grants a request already made but still pending. The possibility of using such funds to complement sabbatical leave salary does not in any way alter or change the spirit of the statutory requirements.