Retirement & Investment Plan Contacts

Enrollment & Payroll Deductions

For questions about your eligibility for or enrollment in any retirement plan, or for questions about your payroll deductions, contact University Payroll & Benefits.

SURS Contacts

SURS is the best resource for questions about SURS participation, plan elections, retirement benefits, and all other provisions of SURS plans. Visit the SURS website or contact SURS.

If you participate in the SURS Self-Managed Plan (SMP), Fidelity Investments and TIAA can help with general questions about your investment account. See SURS SMP for your preferred vendor’s contact information.

403(b) Plan Contacts


For questions about your TIAA 403(b) Plan account, contact TIAA.

Fidelity Investments

For questions about your Fidelity 403(b) Plan account, contact Fidelity.

State Deferred Compensation 457 Plan Contacts

CMS Deferred Compensation

For questions about enrollment, contact the CMS Deferred Compensation Office.

T. Rowe Price

For questions about your 457 Plan account, contact T. Rowe Price.