University of Illinois System

ACA-Eligible Program

This plan is a limited benefit program offered to help meet federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements. Employees will be sent an offer of coverage to their university email. The employee’s university email will be the primary method of plan communications. You may receive an email and/or text from GoWell notifying you of your opportunity to enroll.

The plan is available to eligible employees* who are ineligible for the State of Illinois Employees Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) and who average 30 or more hours per week. 

Medical Plan 

The plan being offered is Elite Care through Options Plus (plan carrier) and administered by GoWell Benefits.

Elite Care + National Value:

  • This plan is intended to provide minimum essential coverage (MEC) by covering the preventive services as required by the ACA.
  • The minimum essential medical coverage with hospital indemnity is offered at no cost to you for your employee-only coverage.
  • It provides an option to purchase minimum coverage for your spouse and/or children who might otherwise have no coverage.
  • You MUST use in-network providers to receive benefits under the plan. Go to to find a provider near you.
  • Hospital benefits are minimal under this limited medical plan and emergency room coverage is NOT included. 

The plan also offers optional Preventative Dental, Comprehensive Dental, and Vision coverage. Dependents may be enrolled in these plans. 

This plan is not intended to replace a comprehensive major medical health insurance plan. This coverage alone will not meet the health insurance minimum requirements for a J-1 Visa holder. If you already have other comprehensive health insurance coverage (including through SURS/TRAIL, SEGIP, the University’s Student Health Insurance Program, another employer plan, or a spouse’s/parent’s plan), then you should carefully consider this plan because you may not need this coverage.

To learn about the plans, watch a recorded enrollment webinar (use passcode: M#&c+!l8).

Employee Premiums

For eligible employees who are offered and enroll in the medical plan, the University will pay 100% of the monthly premium for your employee-only coverage.

You will be required to pay the full cost for any eligible dependents you wish to enroll, as well as the full cost of the monthly premiums for any dental and/or vision insurance that you elect for yourself or your eligible dependents.

2024 Employee Premiums
  Medical Plan

Preventative Only 

Employee Only $0.00 $19.80 $44.15 $9.95
Employee + Spouse $153.00 $37.53 $88.20 $19.90
Employee + Child(ren) $140.00 $35.28 $83.47 $20.90
Employee + Family $288.00 $58.86 $134.99 $34.85

These additional costs cannot be payroll deducted at this time. You will pay online via bank account debit for any additional coverage. For optional/dependent coverages, a $6.00 processing fee will be added to the total monthly premium amount.

Coordination of Benefits with Existing Medical Plans

If you already have a comprehensive major medical plan (i.e., student insurance; State of Illinois Employees Group Insurance Program; SURS/TRAIL; or coverage under a spouse, parent, or other employer plan), then you must carefully consider whether you need this coverage. If you elect coverage, these plans would be primary payers above any other coverage you may have in place. Other plans already in place would provide secondary coverage.

If you already have other coverage and you elect to enroll, then you will have to work with your healthcare provider to determine the claims-filing process. If you already have major medical coverage, please review the details of how that plan pays when it is a secondary payer.

If you are a student who has health insurance coverage through the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan, or under your parent’s or spouse’s plan, then you may not want this coverage. This program is NOT a comparable substitute for the Student Health Insurance Plan.

How do I enroll in this coverage?

When you become eligible for the plan, you will receive an email from System Human Resources with a link to complete online enrollment.
You will need the following information to enroll:

  • Employer Name: The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois dba University of Illinois System
  • Email: enter your University email address
  • Home address: United States mailing address
  • Effective date of benefits: 1st of the month following 30 days
  • Dependents: if you wish to enroll any dependents you will need their date of birth and SSN
  • Payment: If you elect coverage for your dependents or enroll in the dental/vision plan(s) you must provide banking information for payments to be taken on the 15th of each month. 

​If you are already enrolled in coverage, selections made using this online enrollment form will replace and supersede the existing coverage(s) you have. Please be sure to select any and all desired coverage that you want (including the coverage you already have and want to keep). Please also waive any coverage that you do not want.

Where to Go With Questions

Self-service kiosks are available at University Payroll & Benefits (UPB) at:

  • UIC - 1st Floor, 809 S. Marshfield Ave, 312-996-7200
  • UIS - Room 85, Business Services Building, 217-206-7144
  • UIUC - Room 177, Henry Administration Building, 217-265-6363

Contact University Payroll & Benefits.

Employment status or program eligibility

This plan is available to eligible employees* who are NOT eligible for the State of Illinois Employees Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) and who average 30 or more hours per week. Eligibility is reevaluated on your appropriate measurement period, and continued eligibility may be affected by your averaged work hours per week over that time period. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact your university's central Human Resources office or your university's Student Employment office.

Additional Resources

If you would like a paper copy of plan information, contact or 217-333-2600.


Plan Partners

The ACA program is administered by the following plan partners.


  • Online enrollment and payment coordinator
  • Assists with questions about enrollment and account debits for paid coverage

SBMA/Options Plus

  • Provider/carrier of the Elitecare + National Value minimum essential medical coverage
  • Issues medical plan identification cards

MultiPlan PHCS

Delta Dental

  • Provider of optional preventative or comprehensive Dental coverage


  • Provider of optional Vision coverage


* Eligibility for this plan is contingent on continued employment, as well as the university's continued participation in the plan descriped above. In the event of differences between this information and the official plan policies, the official plan policy documents will govern.