Initiate New Hire

Duplicate New Hire Logon

When creating a New Hire you can not Delete Entire Transaction once you get to the New Hire Review Screen in the New Hire Wizard. You will need to take the transaction all the way to the Employee Record View screen and route. Once the transaction has been applied you can go in and make changes as necessary.

Editing Position Data as Part of a New Hire

Position Data may be editable for Single positions based on your security and the Employee Group associated with the Position. Pooled positions are not editable during the New Hire wizard. If you need to maintain a Pooled position, use a Position Creation and Maintenance transaction.

Entering New Hire Search Criteria

If you answer Yes to the question, “Is this new hire a Student Undergraduate or Graduate now or have they been since 2000?”, UIN becomes a required field on the Search Banner & iCard screen. Records for current or former students may not be found based on social security number or name + birth date, but every student since 2000 has a UIN. Searching iCard for this UIN and using the existing information to proceed with the New Hire transaction helps prevent the creation of duplicate records.

New Hire Search Results