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Pay Calculator

Select Pay Calculator to access the Academic Pay Calculator using Microsoft Excel.

The Pay Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet that is used to calculate partial month pay and pay adjustments for Academic employees. When the file opens, save a copy by accessing "Save As" from your browser's "File" menu.

The Pay Calculator contains five worksheets, which are accessed by selecting the worksheet tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

  • Academic New Hire Pay Adjustments - calculate a pay adjustment for a new hire whose start date did not coincide with the beginning of a pay period.
  • Academic Rate Change Pay Adjustments - calculate a pay adjustment for an employee who has experienced a salary rate change.
  • Deferred Pay Separation Adjustments - calculate a pay adjustment for an employee who is separating from the University, including those employees on nine-month appointments who are paid over a 12-month period.
  • Work Days Calendar - provides the number of actual work days per pay period, a figure which is required for calculations.
  • Instructions - detailed instructions for using the Pay Calculator.

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Glossary - Explanation of Pay Calculator Terms

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