University of Illinois System

Diversity Council

The System Offices Diversity Council is tasked with developing strategies to strengthen diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives within System Offices.


  1. Develop strategies to strengthen a diverse System Offices staff that encourages development and retention.
  2. Examine the System Offices climate with a broad definition of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging including, but not limited to, race/ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, and/or religion and practices.
  3. Develop initiatives to educate System Offices staff on issues of diversity and provide tools and strategies to promote more inclusive and equitable interactions.
  4. Present recommendations to the President’s Management Council and/or System Office leadership that include strategies, individuals responsible for specific actions, timelines for implementation, and measurable outcomes that reflect continuous improvement of System Offices diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging practices.

The System Offices Diversity Council consists of at least eight members. The System HR Associate Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging serves as Chair of the Council. Members of the Council are appointed by System Human Resources Services and serve one-year terms (July – June). Council Members may be re-appointed for one additional term (total of two years total service) upon mutual agreement. System Office employees may self-nominate or nominate other System Office employees to serve on the Council by sending a nomination letter to the Associate Director of DEI&B by May 31st of each academic year. Every effort will be made to maintain diverse representation on the Council.

Frequency of Meetings

  1. The Council will meet at least six times per year for approximately one hour. Additional meetings may be scheduled at a time agreed upon by the membership as council work requires.
  2. The Council will likely create individual committees to further its goals. Committees of the Council will meet as needed to conduct their business.

Annual Report

An annual report summarizing activities, outcomes, recommendations, and goals for the next year will be submitted to the President each year by July 31.


System Office Diversity Council Charter FY24
System Office Diversity Council Membership FY24