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Ready to get moving toward better health and well-being?

UI Stride is designed for University of Illinois System Office departments and units to help employees get active and healthy. This self-paced challenge is a fun, easy way to have friendly competition with other teams. This challenge also helps departments and units to bond and enables employees to meet one another and create an inclusive and active community.

Spring 2021 Well Traveled Challenge

Three hundred seventy-five participants logged 246,961,784 steps over the 12 week program! That's 55,668,668 more steps logged than the 2020 Walktober challenge!

And the winners are...

Maureen Sorensen (University Audits) claimed the top spot for the individual with the most steps at 2,440,438 total steps! 

Team University Audits came out on top with the highest average steps per person (after removing household members' steps) with an average of 1,212,190 steps!

University Audits team:
Neal Crowley
Gene Fruit
Eduardo Mascorro
Gia Milenkovic
Jasmin Pineda
Maureen Sorensen
Julie Zemaitis

Honoroable mention goes out to the 2nd and 3rd place individuals and teams:

Ali Mirza - 2,152,453 steps
Gene Fruit - 2,126,884 steps
Sole Train Team (University Payroll & Benefits) - 1,196,314 average steps per team member
Illinois Ventures Team - 1,190,097 average steps per team member


Fall 2020 Walktober Challenge

Four hundred eighteen participants logged 191,293,116 steps over the 8 week Walktober challenge.

Fall 2020 Winners

Jody Groff (AITS) claimed the top spot for the individual with the most steps at 1,485,370 total steps! 

Team UIC UPB came out on top with the highest average steps per person (after removing household members' steps) with an average of 727,903 steps!

UIC UPB team:
Laura Barnett
Lawrence Hanyzewski
Kassaundra Hester
Rosetta Houston
Andrea Lasticly
Jianbai Lee
Tiffany Montgomery
Don Smith
Darvel Stone
Sherri Volious

Honorable mention goes to the top 10 individuals and the second and third place teams:
Brenda Hixson (BSS) - 1,360,026 steps
Ali Mirza (IGPA) - 1,304,863 steps
Samantha Bean (household member) - 1,268,976 steps
Karena LaPlace (UIUC UPB) - 1,148,340 steps
Maureen Sorensen (University Audits) - 1,111,808 steps
Nathan Wilds (Planning & Budgeting) - 1,111,354 steps
Mary Mahaffey (BSS) - 1,082,132 steps
Dave Stone (AITS) - 1,079,193 steps
Karen Greenwalt (OVP/CFO ) - 1,058,301 steps
BSS Happy Feet with 705,933 average steps per team member.
AITS ODA with 654,462 average steps per team member.

We would also like to give a special shoutout to Andrea Lasticly (UIC UPB) as the Top Motivator
for being the participant with the most posts on the Walktober Wall!

About the inaugural 2019 UI Stride...

In this six-week challenge, your UI Stride goal was to achieve 859,500 steps as a team by recording your steps and activity levels. The goal of 859,500 steps came from the approximate amount of steps it would take to walk directly from the University of Illinois Chicago to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to the University of Illinois Springfield and back to the University of Illinois Chicago! All participants in UI Stride received a t-shirt with the UI Stride logo.

2019 Winners

1st Place ~ OTM Chicago
2nd Place ~ Office of University Audits
3rd Place ~ Alumni Alliance

Way to go UI Striders! We would like to thank everyone who participated. While this challenge was organized as a friendly competition, the goal was to inspire each of us to engage in more activity. We hope the challenge has succeeded and you will continue to stay active!