Statement of Sabbatical Plans

Each application must be supported by a "Statement of Plans" of not more than 1000 words that provides sufficient detailed information concerning the proposed course of study, travel, research, creative work, or investigation to permit an evaluation of the program to be undertaken in light of the provisions of Sections 7.a. and 7.e. of Article IX of the Statutes.

The "Statement of Plans" should be attached to each of the three copies of the application form.

The "Statement of Plans" should be written to be understandable to faculty colleagues in other disciplines. Reviewers should understand the relation of the proposed activities to the applicant's career in departmental, University, disciplinary and other appropriate contexts.

The statement should explain in detail how the purpose for the leave described in the section above is to be accomplished. It should indicate:

  • What facilities will be used and may have been arranged for.
  • Why the period of leave will be used in a particular location.
  • The general plan of procedure.
  • The relationship of the activity to other work in the field.
    • Its potential significance or usefulness as a scholarly or creative production, or as an educational tool, or as a means of improving the applicant's capabilities and value in carrying out University duties.
    • How the proposed activity "will improve the applicant's capabilities for carrying out the objectives of the Department and the University.
  • Explain "unique features relating the proposal to campus goals."
    • Where appropriate, show how "the proposed activity will help the applicant to better serve particular needs of the state of Illinois or the nation."

Statement of Plans Formatting

The "Statement of Plans" should be formatted as shown. A single-spaced heading should be used and should include: the name of the applicant, campus and unit affiliations, period and place of proposed leave, a brief title (similar to the 25 word informational statement described earlier), and the date of submission.

Statement of Sabbatical Plans
NAME: Robert L. Capps DATE: November 24, 20XX
CAMPUS: Urbana-Champaign UNIT: Department of Physics
PERIOD: Fall Semester 20XX-XX PLACE: Fermilab (USA)

Brief Title: Search for production of new particles at a 1 TeV accelerator.

Statement of Plans: Not to exceed 1000 words.

Note: Please do not include a curriculum vitae, research summary, list of publications, or similar career documentation. If additional materials are needed during processing of your application, they will be requested.