Teaching, Research, or Extension Positions

Positions that meet the criteria under Section 36e(4) of the Civil Service Statute may be exempted as Teaching, Research or Extension positions. The criteria are summarized below. All positions approved under the 36e(4) criteria will be assigned the PAPE Number 49997.


Individuals whose primary function is to impart knowledge to students or who are functionally responsible for such individuals.

  • Providing direct instructional support
  • Academic/career planning/counseling
  • Sports Coaching
  • Coordinating pre-professional and professional academic programs


Clinical Teacher Educator
Head Teacher and Director of Preschool Program
Academic Advisor
Teaching Lab Specialist


Individuals primarily involved in research activites, normally under the oversight of an academic department. May be funded by outside sources.

  • Laboratory work in physical sciences
  • Historical research
  • Research in other disciplines, such as linguistics or the social sciences


Coordinator of Research Programs
Research and Development Specialist
Principal Research Scientist
Research Curator
Research Data Analyst
Research Specialist in . . . (various disciplines)


Instructional staff hired to provide both credit and non-credit instructional programs offered outside of the normal academic curricula, that may be offered on or off campus, and those who are functionally responsible for such individuals.

  • Adult Education programs
  • Continuing Education programs
  • Subject matter specialists
  • Professional or industry specialists


Community Health Educator
Program Coordinator, Cooperative Extension
Regional Director, Cooperative Extenion Service
Program Coordinator, Division of Extramural Courses