University of Illinois System

Vision Plan

Vision coverage is automatically provided at no additional cost to employees and dependents enrolled in any of the State Employees Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) health plans. All enrolled employees and dependents have the same vision coverage, regardless of the SEGIP health plan selected. EyeMed Vision Care is the administrator for the state vision coverage.

Eligibility for employee and dependent vision coverage is the same as eligibility for, and requires enrollment in, the SEGIP health plan. Vision insurance is automatically provided to enrollees in one of the state health insurance plans. There are no enrollment forms to complete.

See CMS: State Vision Plan or login to MyBenefits for coverage details and claim forms.

To find a member eye care provider, call EyeMed at 866-723-0512 (TDD/TTY 800-526-0844) or visit

Employment Changes

What happens to my vision insurance in the event of a layoff, illness, or other types of leave?

Coverage may be continued during seasonal layoff, illness, family and medical or educational leaves without pay as long as your health insurance is also continued.

What happens to my vision insurance during a period of personal leave without pay?

Coverage may be continued for up to 24 months if enrolled in one of the SEGIP health insurance plans. Employees on personal leave will receive monthly premium bills from the University Payroll & Benefits (UPB) office.

What happens to my vision insurance when I retire?

When you retire and begin receiving a monthly annuity from SURS, your State insurance (including vision coverage) is transferred to SURS.

What happens to my vision insurance when I resign or my appointment ends?

If eligible for COBRA upon leaving employment, you may continue the vision coverage for up to 18 months as long as you are continuing health plan coverage. Cost of coverage is included in the health insurance premium. Notice of the COBRA Continuation Option is sent by CMS soon after resignation or appointment ending date.