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Explore the dimensions of wellness (EmotionalEnvironmentalFinancialIntellectualOccupationalPhysicalSocialSpiritual) using the resources below. Check back frequently, as this page will be regularly updated with new options to help guide your wellness journey.


The ability to successfully handle life's stresses and adapt to change and difficult times, as well as an awareness, expression, and acceptance of thoughts/feeling of yourself and others.


Recognizing the value of the Earth and making sustainable choices that respects and protects the environment which contributes to our overall safety and well-being.


Confidence in your present capacity to cover daily/monthly expenses, absorb financial shocks, that considers the varying levels of financial freedom to make life choices and maintain progress towards future financial goals.



Taking actions (either through traditional education or seeking out experiences) to enhance your knowledge, improving critical thinking skills, and expand your perspectives.


Pursuing roles that takes advantage of your talents, skills, and passions allowing you to contribute to society in ways that that align with your personal values, goals, beliefs, and lifestyle needs.


Taking actions (exercise, healthy diet, rest, preventative care) to support a healthy body, including seeking care when needed, appreciating your body's uniqueness, and taking precautions to protect against disease or other health risk.


Maintaining meaningful relationships with friends and family that you can rely on to feel connected and supported while engaging in a variety of roles or working towards your wellness goals.


Developing and engaging your values through seeking meaning within the universe and connecting with humanity which can be represented in a variety of practices (prayer, meditation).

Additional Helpful Resources

System Office Lecture Series

Higi Wellness Stations

A Higi Wellness Station is now available at each of the universities. A Higi Wellness Station allows you to measure important wellness indicators and track them if you wish. This is made available to all faculty and staff by the State of Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) in partnership with Aetna. View the Higi poster for instructions on use. It's available to everyone regardless of health plan provider, and is free of charge.

Higi Wellness Station Locations
Urbana - Illini Union, first floor east hallway, located at 1401 West Green Street and Physical Plant Service Bldg., located at 1501 South Oak Street, Champaign.
Springfield - The Recreation and Athletic Center (TRAC) lobby located at One University Plaza.
Chicago - Student Recreation Facility located at 737 South Halsted (east campus) and Clinical Sciences North Building, room 115 located at 840 South Wood Street (west campus).
Rockford - University of Illinois Chicago Health Sciences cafeteria located at 1601 Parkview Avenue, Rockford.

General information about Higi Wellness Stations can be found at

Eat. Move. Save.

The University of Illinois Extension's Eat. Move. Save. website includes tips for eating well, staying active, and improving your saving habits.