Application Instructions for Sabbatical Leave

To be completed by the Faculty member requesting sabbatical:

  • Complete all parts of the first page of the application form and provide the required "Statement of Plans."
  • Your signature is required on the first page.
  • If you anticipate that a leave without pay is to be taken in conjunction with a sabbatical leave, this should be noted on the sabbatical leave application, but it will be necessary to submit a separate written request for leave without pay after the sabbatical is approved and plans are fairly certain.
  • If successful completion of the program of research, study, or travel is contingent upon the applicant's receiving additional financial aid, either from the University or elsewhere, details concerning the contingency and a description of the alternative plan should be included in the "Statement of Plans."
  • In no case should an individual delay applying for a sabbatical leave while awaiting word on a grant proposal.

To be completed by the Executive Officer:

  • The executive officer of your unit and other administrative officers are responsible for the completion of page two of the application. There are three sections that should be addressed by the executive officer.
  • It is very important for the executive officer to indicate what provisions have been made for the faculty member's work during the absence. This should include a statement of how the direction of graduate students for whom the applicant is an advisor will be covered.
  • The second section addresses the issue of additional costs to the University. The President's Guidelines indicate that:

    Applications ordinarily should not be approved if any additional costs to the University are involved. If exceptions to this rule are to be made, a specific request should be submitted through appropriate channels and should have the approval of the Chancellor.

  • Normally, the campus will be unable to consider any request for a sabbatical leave if additional costs to the University are involved. The unit will review all requests for sabbaticals carefully to determine the extent of the financial burden that may be placed upon the college and the department.
  • The executive officer will provide a statement about how the faculty member's leave will enhance the objectives of the department and the university. The faculty member should address this issue in the "Statement of Plans." The Executive Officer's statement should provide an evaluation of the faculty member's comments about this.