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Preparing for the Search
Conducting the Search
Closing the Search

Preparing for the Search

How is a search for an Academic Professional (AP) position initiated?

  1. Before initiating a search for an academic professional position, you must determine if the PAPE approval process is necessary.
    • If the position is a new position or if the duties of the position have been updated or substantially revised, the PAPE approval process is necessary. Reporting lines should also be updated.
    • If the position is exactly the same as a PAPE-approved position in the Unit, a new PAPE is not necessary.
    • If the position is a vacant position that has a PAPE approval, a new PAPE is not necessary.
  2. Complete a Form I and submit the form to University Equal Opportunity for approval before the search process commences.

What steps are necessary to conduct an Academic Professional search?
Access the Academic Professional Search Checklist for the necessary steps.

How long will it take to obtain approval to begin a search?
You should allow two business days for review and approval of a search.

Do all appointments require a search?
Generally, all Academic Professional positions require a search. Exceptions include:

  • Academic Hourly
  • Less than 50% time Academic Professional positions

Some personnel actions may meet the criteria for a search waiver (see Request for Waiver of Search Procedures Form). In addition, there may be a search waiver for a visiting position for up to one year.

Should the approved PAPE title be the same title used to advertise the position?

Is there a sample position announcement a Unit could review?
Yes, a sample position announcement is available for review.

Is a salary range required on the posting?
No. However, listing a salary range might help potential applicants determine their interest in a position. If the salary is to be determined by the qualifications of the successful applicant, one of the following statements might be used in the advertisement:

"Commensurate with experience" or "Negotiable"

If the appointment is over 50%, but visiting or temporary, does this information need to be included in the advertisement/posting?
Yes. Additionally, if there is a possibility the appointment might change from visiting/temporary to a regular position, this should be stated in the advertisement. For example, the posting might state "The position is visiting, but may become a regular appointment at a later date."

If the position is security sensitive and will require pre-employment screening (background check), should this information be included in the position announcement?
Yes. Applicants must be notified when pre-employment screenings are required.

How long can an Academic Professional be appointed to a visiting position?
One year.

Is a closing date required for the advertisement?
It is desirable to establish a search timeframe. If the search timeframe is flexible, the announcement might state one of the following:

"To ensure full consideration, please send a resume and the names of three references by December 1, 2004."

With this wording, the Unit may or may not consider applications received after the closing date.

Can the interviews be conducted before the closing date?
Yes. It is preferable to let potential applicants know of this in the advertisement. For example, the posting might state "Interviews might be conducted prior to the closing date. However, all applications postmarked by the closing date will receive full consideration."

Where does the unit obtain the EEO Job Code listed on the Form I?
This is an internal code assigned by University Equal Opportunity (UEO). It is assigned after the Unit submits the Affirmative Action Form I.

Is the unit required to post every position in a newspaper?
All national and local searches must be advertised in regional newspapers. In general, it is preferable to advertise all searches in print medium. The objective is to provide notice to a diverse population of highly qualified candidates. Additionally, in the search plan the Unit should include specific sources to recruit women and minorities.

All Academic Professional positions should be posted in HireTouch. Access HireTouch for posting information.

Is it okay to post the position on external online resources as well?
Yes. You are encouraged to post on online sources. Additionally, academic professional searches should be placed on the University of Illinois Employment Center.

Common external electronic job sites include:


Can a unit receive approval to conduct an internal search?
Occasionally circumstances exist that allow for an internal search. Please contact University Equal Opportunity at (217) 333-7925 to discuss search requirements.

How long does an announcement need to be advertised?
Generally, these guidelines are followed for advertising a position:

  • 3 weeks for a National Search
  • 3 weeks for a Regional Search


Conducting the Search

Where can the unit obtain the EEO Information Request Forms?
Once the Form I is approved, the Office of Human Relations and University Equal Opportunity completes the position title and job code information on the EEO Information Request Form and sends it via email to the Unit.

If an applicant applies online, the applicant is given two opportunities to complete and submit the EEO Information Request Form via email. The electronic form is submitted directly to the Office of Human Relations and University Equal Opportunity. The hiring unit does not receive this information.

Closing the Search

Where can the college or unit obtain a Form II?
The Affirmative Action Form II can be completed and printed from this website. No offers should be extended before approval is received by University Equal Opportunity.

How long should a unit keep search materials?
All search materials, including application materials and evaluations, should be kept for two years.