University of Illinois System


Reason Codes on Separation Transactions

There are two Reason codes that appear in a Separation transaction: the Job Change Reason and the Separation Reason. On the first screen of the Separation wizard, you are asked to choose a Job Change Reason. Not all Job Change Reasons have a one-to-one correspondence with the Separation Reason in the Separations tab. Therefore, when you reach the Employee Record View you should check the Separations tab to see if the Separation Reason has defaulted. If there is not one specific Separation Reason that corresponds to the Job Change Reason you selected in the wizard, the Separation Reason defaults to 'Select One'. In this case, you need to choose a Separation Reason from the list in the Separations tab before continuing with the transaction.

Transaction Enabled Date 01/01/1900 on Separations

When Separating an employee with an unpaid appointment, the HR Front End sets the Transaction Enabled Date to 01/01/1900 to ensure that the transaction does not hibernate. Only transactions where final regular pay for the employee needs to be processed should go into hibernation.