System and Resources for New Hires

Welcome, to the University of Illinois!

We're delighted you've accepted a position within the University of Illinois. We know beginning a new job can be a complex process, and we're here to facilitate your transition. Below, you'll find:

  • Our UI New Hire system, which will guide you through all the forms necessary to start your job at the University of Illinois.
  • Information about benefits, policies, transportation and campus resources available to you.

What do I need to start?

Before you begin, please make sure you have your:
  • UI New Hire Login ID and Password - Your hiring unit will provide this to you either in person or through a system-generated email. If you haven't received this, please check with your hiring manager or HR contact. If your password no longer works, please ask your hiring contact to reset this for you. Please note: employees with assigned NetIDs cannot use their NetID and NetID password to access UI New Hire.
  • Work history and education information. Please check with your hiring contact about what, specifically, you need to enter for your new job, as these requirements vary.
  • Bank information - You will need your routing and account number to set up your direct deposit (these numbers can be found on a check or bank statement).

What are UI New Hire's system requirements?

  • UI New Hire works best on standard, up-to-date systems such as current Microsoft-supported versions of Windows and Apple OS desktops and laptops, and Apple iPads and iPhone. Android phones and tablets and other internet-enabled devices may not work for all parts of UI New Hire. If you are using an unsupported device and encounter difficulties, please try switching to a supported device before asking for assistance.
  • Please use a standard, up-to-date browser to complete your UI New Hire Forms. Microsoft Edge and IE, Firefox Mozilla, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome all work well for UI New Hire (assuming they are being used on a supported system from above and are up-to-date). If you are completing UI New Hire on a personal computer (or a U of I computer which is not maintained by your department's technology group) and haven't recently updated your browser, you may want to do so before continuing.
  • If you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer, you must update it to the newest version before continuing. UI New Hire offers ANCRA and Ethics compliance training modules in either Adobe Flash or HTML5 formats. You do not need to install Adobe Flash to view the training if you are using a browser that operates without Flash (such as Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari). However, if you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer, this will act as the "default" and will only try to play the Adobe Flash version. Adobe routinely disables old versions to prevent them from playing hazardous content. If you try to load the ANCRA or Ethics training and see a blank screen, this is most often because you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer, but it is a version Adobe is no longer supporting, or because your computer is set up to block Flash content. If this occurs, please update Adobe Flash before continuing (you can do so here: and make sure to allow/unblock Flash content. If you do not wish to update Adobe Flash and have access to a browser which does not use Flash (like Microsoft Edge or Apple's Safari browser), you can switch to that browser and complete the training that way. If you update your version of Adobe Flash and still get a blank screen, this is because something else on your computer (such as your antivirus or firewall software or a browser option set for higher security) is blocking the Flash content from being displayed on your machine. If you cannot or do not wish to repair this on the computer you are using, please switch to a non-Flash browser (like Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari) and complete the training that way.
  • Some Shibboleth-authenticated systems (Identity Verification/UI Verify, Title IX Haven Training by EverFi) in UI New Hire also require an active, affiliated NetID - If you are a student (undergrad or grad), you will have received your NetID as part of your student onboarding. If you are a new or returning non-student-type employee, you will have your NetID reactivated in UI New Hire. Most users will also have their employee affiliation added at the time of NetID reactivation, but this process differs based on campus and employee type, and some employees may take up to 24 hours for their affiliation to be added. If you are having trouble logging in through Shibboleth to either Identity Verification/UI Verify and Title IX Haven Training with your NetID and have just activated or reactivated your NetID, please try back the next day. If you are still having trouble logging in at that point, please contact your campus IT organization, so that they can make sure your affiliation and password are set up properly. If the issues you are having are after you log in successfully, and are on the Identify Verification/UI Verify site, please look for the help number at the bottom of the UI Verify screen (differs based on campus) and call that for assistance. If the issues you are having are after you log in successfully, in the Title IX Haven Training/EverFi site (such as they say you are not eligible for training, no training appears, the training isn't working on your computer), please contact the University Ethics and Compliance Office for assistance.
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Need Help with UI New Hire?


Information about all benefits available to University of Illinois employees can be found in the Benefits Section on this site. It is recommended that you review the following documents.  You should also sign up for a New Hire Benefits Session.


The State of Illinois insurance benefits enrollment is completed through an online system, called MyBenefits. MyBenefits provides self-service tools to assist with enrollment in health, dental, and life insurance, and flexible spending account (MCAP/DCAP) plans.

Based on the State Department of Central Management Services' (CMS) policy, the State benefits enrollment period is 30 calendar days from your hire or benefit eligibility date.

  • It is important to submit your Employee Information Form (EIF) in Step 1 of UI New Hire, as soon as possible. You are strongly encouraged to elect to receive email communications about state benefits by checking the box on the EIF. Note: If you do not select email communications, information will be sent via postal mail and this will delay your access to MyBenefits to make your benefit elections.
  • Within 1 to 3 days after completing your EIF and electing email communications, you will receive an email providing login details to access MyBenefits for enrolling in state benefits. Delivery of login details may take 5 to 10 days by postal mail.
  • When making your state benefit elections on MyBenefits, once you click “Submit/Finalize”, your benefit elections will be final and unchangeable until either the next Benefit Choice period in May, or a qualifying event occurs. You will not be allowed to revise your state benefit elections, even if you are still within 30 calendar days of your benefit-eligibility date.
  • If you do not make an election to enroll, opt out or waive health and dental coverage as well as submit all required documentation* within 30 calendar days of your benefit-eligibility date you will default into the Quality Care health and dental plans without the option to insure dependents. If no action is taken, you will be defaulted. (*Part-time waiver does not require documentation.)


Contact University Payroll and Benefits (UPB) if you need assistance.


Policies, Transportation and Campus Resources

Information on policies, transportation, and other resources available to you as a University employee are in the Campus Resources section on this site. Use policy and administrative guidelines as a reference for University rules and regulations. These policies apply to all University employees.