University of Illinois System

Standard Title Positions

The Human Resources offices have been delegated responsibility by State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS) for approving those positions that meet the guidelines described in Position Standards for many frequently used titles. These Standards apply to University of Illinois positions when a position's primary function and major duties and responsibilities are consistent with those described in the Standard. While the duties of specific positions approved under the same Standard title may vary, the basic function and responsibility level determines assignment to a Position Standard. Units may use functional titles in addition to the standard titles, e.g., Director, Accounting; Assistant Dean, Alumni Affairs.

The following have been established as Standard titles. Clicking on the title will display the Position Standard description for the title. These are in Adobe Acrobat format.

49901 Associate Vice President/Associate Vice Chancellor/Associate Chancellor
49902 Assistant Vice President/Assistant Provost/Assistant Chancellor/Assistant Vice Chancellor/
49903 Executive Assistant to President/Chancellor
49904 Assistant To President/Chancellor
49905 Assistant To Vice President/Vice Chancellor/Associate Chancellor/Provost
49906 Dean
49907 Associate Dean
49908 Assistant Dean
49909 Department Head/Chair
49910 Associate Department Head/Chair
49911 Assistant Department Head/Chair
49912 Executive Director
49913 Director
49914 Associate Director
49915 Assistant Director
49916 Professional Titles Requiring State of Illinois Licensure
Physician or Attorney or Engineer or Architect
49917 Archeologist
49918 Assistant To
49919 Coordinator
49920 Specialist