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Banner/HR Systems Job Aids

Training materials, such as job aids and training manuals, are grouped by specific HR processing topics. Campus specific materials are also available on this page. All materials are in Adobe Acrobat format, unless indicated otherwise.


HR Front End

Provides step-by-step instructions for how to do work and complete transactions in the HR Front End.  Click the appropriate link for instructions for that topic.

Human Resource Web Applications

UI New Hire Onboarding System

  • UI New Hire Quick-Start Guide - answers common questions about logging in and navigating newHire (07/2015)
  • UI New Hire System Guide - an in-depth look at the redesigned UI New Hire system, covering all forms and options (requires University of Illinois authentication to view) (03/2015)

My UI Info

  • Log into My UI Info to update personal information such as your address, emergency contact, marital status, work history and more.

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Human Resource Transaction Processing

Employment Administration

Leave Administration

Payroll/Time and Attendance

Position Information

Retiree Rehire Process

Salary Planner

  • Salary Planner Information - Salary Planner communications, job aids, instructions, and reports.
  • HRES Full Personnel Complete (Not available to units; central HR only) - Provides a comprehensive view for all jobs associated with the employee undergoing a job salary change.
  • HRES Open Range Daily Change - Provides a list of all Open Range employees with jobs that are associated with a change.
  • HRES Employees within Unit - Provides a list of employees within the department along with each employees job and corresponding organization.
  • HRES BPL Max Increase % Allowed and Zero - Budget Position listing of all employees, sorted by position budgeting organization, who received no increase or who received an increase greater than the specified parameter. To identify salary increases or 0% increases that may require justification.
  • HRES BPL Adhoc Query - Provide Budgeted Position Listing (BPL) information by organization. Provide Budgeted Position Listing information by organization, UIN, name, home organization, position number and suffix, time sheet organization, E-class, account number, budget profile, tenure code, old FTE , new FTE, presents salary, rate increase, other change, proposed salary, % change, overall proposed salary, overall % change, NACUBO code, professor category and employee status. (3/2007)
  • HRES AP Salary Threshold - List of all AP employees whose current annual salary in Banner is less than the Proposed Annual Salary. Parameter and total proposed annual salary in the Salary Planner is greater than the Proposed Annual Salary parameter.
  • HRES_Academic FTE - Used to create lists of all Academic employees with a proposed FTE greater than 1 or less than .50
  • HRES Academic BPL Descending Salary - List employees/jobs, within an organization and will include UIN, name, total proposed FTE, total proposed salary, FTE adjustment, E-Class change, if applicable, in descending order by proposed salary. The Salary Planners will use the report to view all Academic employee and their jobs by ORG sorted in descending order by proposed salary.
  • HRES Academic Average Rate Increase - Provides academic average rate increase numbers within organization by all funds (State funds only).

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Reporting Information

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Campus Processing

Urbana-Champaign Campus Processes

Chicago Campus Processes

Springfield Campus Processes

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